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Our menu: Sandwiches

Tofu Hot-dog (CS)
7,40 €
Cereals bread, Tofu* Sausage, Tomato Sauce with Onion and Mustard
Tofu Hot-dog with bolognese souce (CS)
8,20 €
Cereals bread, Tofu* Sausage, Tomato Soy Bolognese Souce*, Onion and Vegan Mayonnaise
Lentils and Walnuts Hamburguer Sandwich (FS)
8,90 €
Cereals bread, Lentils and Nuts Burger, Lettuce, Tomate, Vegan Mayonnaise and vegetable chips
soy and Mushrooms Hamburguer Sandwich (CS)
8.90 €
Cereals bread, Soy and Mushrooms Burguer Hamburguer, Vegan Melting Cheese, MIxed Leaves, Tomatoe, Garlic Mayonnaise and vegetable chips
Lentol and Nuts Hamburguer with salad (FS) (SG)
7,90 €
Spaghetti made of raw Zucchini with red Pesto
Soy and Mushrooms Hamburguer with Salad (CS)
7.90 €
Soy and Mushrooms Burguer, Mixed Salad, Vegan Mayonnaise

 FS: Contains Dried Fruits – CS: Contains Soy- *: Organic
SG: Manufactured with gluten-free products, however it contains traces of gluten, not suitable for celiacs
In the event of allergies or intolerances consult our staff

Our plates are made with ingredients from the vast majority of Organic Farming