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Our menu: Deserts and coffee

Ask for our Desserts of the day
“Semifreddo” Vegan Chocolate cake “gluten free” (CS) (SG) with Almonds (FS)
4,60 €
Carrot Cake with Almond and Vanilla cream (FS) (CS)
5.00 €
Vegan Cheesecake with strawberry jam (SG) (FS) (CS)
6.30 €
Banana and Walnuts cake with Banaa and Vanilla cream (FS)
3,80 €
Vegan Tiramisú (FS): Coffee
5,00 €
Vegan Tiramisú: Coconut
5,00 €
Cinnamon Flan
2,90 €
Chocolat Pudding "gluten free" (SG)
3,40 €
1,20 €
Black Coffee
1.30 €
With Little Soy, Oat* or Rice* Milk
1,60 €
With Soy*, Oat* or Rice* Milk
1,80 €
Tropical Coffee (with coconut milk)
2,00 €
Little Tropical Coffee (with coconut milk)
1,70 €
2,50 €

 FS: Contains Dried Fruits – CS: Contains Soy- *: Organic
SG: Manufactured with gluten-free products, however it contains traces of gluten, not suitable for celiacs
In the event of allergies or intolerances consult our staff

Our plates are made with ingredients from the vast majority of Organic Farming