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Menu Coffee House Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos

Coffee House ENG
Snacks, Sandwiches and Toasts
Olives (SG)
2,20 €
Portion of Olives
Nachos with carrot cheese (SG)
4.20 €
Nachos*, Carrot Cheese
3,80 €
with homemade jam of seasonal fruit, chia and agave syrup
4.20 €
Whole-grain bread with vegan cheese, vegan ham, tomato and oregano
Croissant with vegan ham and cheese
3,90 €
Croissant of cereals with vegan ham and cheese
8,90 €
Cereal bread, lentil and nut burger, mezclum, tomato and vegan mustard mayonnaise served with vegetable chips
Tofu Hot Dig with bologneses souce
8,20 €
Cereal bread, tofu sausage *, bolognese soy sauce*, onion and vegan mustard mayonnaise
Focaccia della Nonna
5,90 €
with vegan ham, vegan cheese, arugula, tomato, oregano and vegan mayonnaise
Focaccia della Mamma
8,50 €
with baked zucchini, dried tomato, arugula, tomato, hummus and pesto
American Breakfast
8,50 €
Toast, scrambled of Tofu* with vegan chorizo*and onion
Desserts and Cakes
“Semifreddo” Vegan Chocolate cake “gluten free” (CS) (SG) with Almonds (FS)
4,60 €
Carrot Cake with Almond and Vanilla cream (FS) (CS)
5,00 €
Banana and Walnuts cake with Banana and Vanilla cream (FS)
3,80 €
Vegan Tiramisú (FS): Coffee or Coconut
5,00 €
Cinnamon Flan /
2,90 €
Chocolate Pudding
3,40 €
Oatmeal eco Waffle, Black Chocolate and almonds
4,50 €
Oatmeal eco Waffle, Black Chocolate and Fruit
5,50 €
Oatmeal eco Wafflle, Banana, Nuts and cream of banana and Vanilla
5, 50 €
7,50 €
Banana Smoothie, Oatmeal*, Agave*, Oat Milk*, Açai*, Granola* and Fruit
6,50 €
Banana and Raw Cocoa Smoothie*, Oatmeal*, Oat Milk*, Agave, Granola* and Banana
5,50 €
Banana Smoothie, Oatmeal*, Agave*, Oat Milk*, Granola* and Fruit
Organic Coffee and Hot Drinks
Black coffee
1,20 €
American Coffee
1,30 €
With Little Soy, Oat* or Rice* Milk
1,60 €
With Soy*, Oat* or Rice* Milk
1,80 €
Tropical Coffee (with coconut milk)
2,00 €
Little Tropical Coffee (with coconut milk)
1,70 €
Teas and Ecological Infusions
2,50 €
1,60 €
Soft drinks
2,00 €
Coca-Cola, Cola Zero, Fanta, Nestea, Aquarius 33 cl
Orange juice
2,20 €
Organic soft drinks
2,80 €
Beer Estrella Damm (33cl.)
2,00 €
Beer San Miguel (25 cl.)
2.50 €
Beer Damm Free (33 cl.)
2.00 €
Alcohol free
Damm Lemon
2.00 €
Beer with Lemon
Glass of red Wine
3,20 €
Glass of red Wine
3.80 €
Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot
Glass of White Wine
3.20 €
Farnatxa Blanca
Glass of Rosé Wine
3.20 €
Natural Fruit Juice
4,00 €
Juics (SG)
4,20 €
Orange, Carrot (SG)
4,40 €
Orange, Carrot, Ginger (SG)
Los Quatro
4,60 €
Orange, Lemon, Carrot, Ginger (SG)
4,90 €
Wheat Grass*, Orange, Lemon, Ginger
Zana Puro
4,60 €
Carrot (SG)
Natural Milshakes
4,40 €
Banana, Oat Milk, Agave Syrup*, Oat Flakes*
4,60 €
Banana, Oat Milk, Agave Syrup*, Oat Flakes*, Cocoa
5,60 €
Banana, Oat Milk, Agave Syrup*, Oat Flakes*, Açai* /

 FS: Contains Dried Fruits – CS: Contains Soy- *: Organic
SG: Manufactured with gluten-free products, however it contains traces of gluten, not suitable for celiacs
In the event of allergies or intolerances consult our staff

Our plates are made with ingredients from the vast majority of Organic Farming