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Dolce Pizza & Los Veganos

Restaurant - Pizzeria

From the Italian tradition … to the superfood

C/Hipòlit Lázaro, 34 (esq. C/Pi i Margall)
08025 Barcelona

For reservations, orders and deliveries: 93 213 12 20
About us

Dolce Pizza


Los Veganos


Restaurant – Pizzeria  in Barcelona

Pizza Vegana Barcelona
Fresh ingredients

Vegan food

Pizzas, pastas and rice, burgers and sandwiches, starters and salads, natural juices and handmade desserts, with natural, organic and 100% vegan ingredients.

Starters and salads

Vegan soups and starters are made by hand every day.


Hot dogs and hamburguers

Vegan burgers and Frankfurts are served with grain bread or on a plate with salad.


Vegan pizzas

The dough of our pizzas, which we prepare on the spot with fresh vegetables and artisan vegan cheeses, is made with wholemeal organic flour.


Vegetarian Pizza

Vegetarian pizzas are prepared only with authentic traditional Italian cheeses.


Rice and pasta

Whole grain pastas and rices are served with delicious vegan sauces made by hand.



Our vegan desserts are prepared with 100% original vegan homemade recipes.



Vegan drinks


Daily Menu

On weekdays at lunch enjoy our daily menu: starter, main course, dessert and drink to choose between different options for € 13.90. A healthy, tasty and vegan way to enjoy your pause.


Menú Dolcepizza
Pizzeria Restaurant Hours

Monday, thursday, friday, saturday and monday
13:00 – 16:00
20:00 – 23:00

Pizzeria Restaurant at home
Reservations, orders and deliveries.



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